Wildcats Polices

Payment and Equipment

Registrants with unpaid balances will not be added to a roster.

Full payment (or an installment plan) is required to receive equipment.

Refund Policy

  • 100 percent before equipment distribution (first week)
  • 50 percent before Jamboree
  • $0 after jamboree

Returning Jerseys and Football Equipment

Players/Families must return all football equipment (jerseys, shoulders, and helmets) at the end of the season. Those failing to return equipment will be invoiced $125 for the jersey and $250 for the equipment (helmet and shoulder pads), depending on which applies. Failure to return equipment or pay the related invoice disqualifies players for future participation.

Registration Fees for Parent/Guardian Volunteers

  • Voting board members' and head coach children receive free player registration.
  • Assistant coaches pay 50% of team fees per player. 76er coaches pay $100/player.  
  • Nonvoting board volunteers receive the same discount as assistant coaches.
  • Coaches/Volunteers must serve the entire season to receive the discount.  

Canceling Practice due to Air Quality

We make our decision to cancel practices due to air quality by 3 p.m.

We will cancel anytime the air quality is deemed unhealthy according to the Washington Air Quality Advisory (WAQA). This is the same index used by Seattle Public Schools. The WAQA uses the same color-coded categories as the EPA’s Air Quality Index (AQI), but the WAQA fine particulate matter (PM2.5) categories are set at lower levels of air pollution to be more protective of health.

We take our readings from the monitoring station closet to West Seattle: the Seattle-Duwamish station.

Player and Parent Conduct

In order to participate in WSJF&C activities, parents/guardians and players must acknowledge and sign the corresponding code of conduct forms.

Postgame Concerns

Game day is hectic for a coaching staff. Players, uniforms, referees, and competing against the other team make for a very stressful day for the coaching staff. Recognizing this, it is WSJF&C’s policy that all issues or concerns about a Saturday game be held until Tuesday. This gives all parties a chance to cool off and reflect.

If after speaking with your head coach, you feel it is necessary to loop in an additional perspective for resolution, please see the board liaison. The board liaison is a neutral party between the coaching staff and the board of directors. The liaison will determine if a concern should be brought forward to the board of directors and will represent a neutral perspective in the process.

Duplicate Jersey Number Policy

When two or more players on the same team have bought out jerseys in prior season(s) and have indicated at registration that they wish to use the same jersey number for the current or upcoming year, the following shall apply:

  • The incumbent player shall have first priority in keeping the number.
  • The player(s) who has/have registered and paid first shall have next priority in keeping the number, as measured by the date of payment.
  • Based on items 1 and 2, the player(s) unable to keep their jersey(s) may:
    • Borrow a jersey from the franchise and return it at season end.
    • Buy out a new Jersey at 50 percent cost.

Volunteering for the board and coaching counts as a payment in regard to to the duplicate jersey policy.

Coaching Succession

  • WSJF&C expects coaches to serve two years in same division.
  • Head coaches have first right-of-refusal for second year

Social Media

In order to participate in WSJF&C activities, parents/guardians and players my acknowledge and sign the Social Media policy.


In order to participate in WSJF&C activities, parents/guardians and players must acknowledge and sign the photo waiver.

Postseason Play

Teams desiring postseason games (turkey bowls, etc.) need to:

  • Pay a $2,500 deposit for equipment
  • Identify an administrator responsible for all paperwork
  • Clean and return all equipment to receive a deposit refund
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